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My Piano

In 2004 I was extremely lucky and grateful to be the recipient of a beautiful new Steinway piano from the Alfred Brendel Young Musicians Piano Trust, so that I could practise at home on a good instrument. It was a pivotal moment for me because, up to that point, I had had to use upright pianos or rely on the goodwill of people who happened to have decent pianos at their homes. With this model O Steinway I could develop my playing in a much more nuanced way which, in turn, resulted in a greater understanding of the music I perform.

All Steinway pianos are handmade, which means that each instrument has a unique feel. When I chose this piano at Steinway Hall in London it felt different from the other two that were available even though they were the same year and model. It was, and remains, soft-edged and beautifully even in sound and touch. These qualities enable me to concentrate on creating the proper characters for each piece that I am preparing.

In order for me to keep the piano I now need to raise £27,500 to enable me to purchase it from the Trust. If you would like to support me in this ambition I would greatly appreciate any financial contribution you are able to make, however small. Thank you very much for your help.

Please note that the only deductions that will be made from your kind donation are the small processing charges from Ticket Tailor and Stripe. No other costs are involved. The funds will be collected by my management agency, Tashmina Artists, who in turn will transfer them directly to the Trust.

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